Level 382 "The Grand Hall"


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The Grand Hall is the 383rd level of the Backrooms.

It appears to be a large church building, crossed with a library. It has two small courtyards on either side of the entrance hallway. The level appears to have areas around the main building, but trying to leave will noclip you back to the entrance. It has 3 floors, with many unique rooms, along with different exits, scattered across the level. The biggest part of the level, the entrance hallway, stretches forwards for 8 miles. The area also has stain glass windows that change shape and color.

The Grand Hall is a library of books and information on the Backrooms. Most of the books in the library are written in a standard human langauge. According pieces writing that was found, The Grand Hall was a gathering place for lost travelers, where they could share their knowlege on the Backrooms. Strangely, there have been no reports of these travelers existing. It is especially strange, as human contact have never happened in this level.

Level 382 has a full water supply from the various drinking fountains in the level, and the sunlight can restore your sanity.


The Grand Hall is called Level 382 even though it comes after level 1, due to a gap between Level 381 and 383. The devices that the researchers use to locate levels, located The Grand Hall in between these two levels, leading to this level number being chosen.

The name "The Grand Hall" was chosen because one of the Level's entities will make noises, resembling a piano, as a warning to leave the level.


Level 328 has two entities. The first entity is called Charge, and is extremely hostile. It has a complicated survival method. It only appears at night. Charge resembles a humanoid creature, covered in blue slime. Charge looks nothing like its surroundings, almost as if it does not belong in the level at all. The second entity is called Whisper, and guides explorers through the level. Whisper has no known visible form, and only makes contact with people through sound. It will make certain noises, hinting at different things. For example, a piano noise means to leave the level, and a faint whistle sound, means that night is coming. Whisper will also sometimes mimmic songs or famous speeches. It is currently unknown why. (Side note: Whisper could be considered a phenomenon, but until further research, is classified as an entity.)

Entrances And Exits


Level 382 only has one known entrance, the exit door in level 381. Although, the level is suspected to have more entrances, that are still undiscovered.


Exiting Level 382 is possible in many different places. Every time a new traveler enters the level, the 21 exit doors scramble into new locations. Each exit door leads to a random level.

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