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Class three

  • Mildly Unsafe
  • Nearly secured
  • Unrealistically High Entity count

We are currently trying to find a map of the level, but it isn't a top priority.

Level 287 is the 288th Level of the Backrooms.


When you enter the level you appear to be in some sort of fallout shelter, with doors leading to housing, food and other areas. There are elevators, that lead you to lower parts of the bunker. It is not recommended to go outside, though we have a description of the outside. The outside looks like a valley, and a highway is nearby. As of now we know that this whole level has cities and counties. There is a day and night cycle but it's hard to measure what the time is without a clock. There seems to be a 28-hour day, with 14 hours of light and 15 hours of pure darkness, as there is no moon or stars. These are some primary locations;

This is where you spawn in, and it takes the style of a remodeled missile silo that became a fallout shelter. There are multiple areas that seem to have food and other primary supplies. Staying here if you do not know how to combat entities is highly advised.

The bus stop

This has two distinct areas, the place where the bus (Yes it exists) stops which is outside, and the waiting zone which is inside, which has a diner which appears to be functioning minimally, a couple boarded up windows as it is highly dangerous to be outside (See entities), and a couple bedrooms. The bus will occasionally arrive every 20-30 days. The bus has only two known stops, Haven and this stop.


This is the hardest town to get to but the most rewarding. This town is a whole 60 miles out, and fortunately gas stations are present on the way, though some have been looted or destroyed. The next problem besides fuel are the highway robbers of the level, who will probably take your food, water, and gas supplies. If you manage to get to the entrance of the city it is shown to have a wall of thick sheet metal and large headlights surrounding it, there are high amounts of supplies and many people, coming to about 1000. There also is a project there to work on a way out of the level.


As of now we know of several entities outside and inside the shelter; On the outside…well, there are most major entities but they can't seem to go inside closed spaces. Inside there are three friendly entities; The chef "Rob", The janitor "Mike", and The Electrical Manager "Jack". The chef is the best indicator of time as he will only make and serve certain things depending on the time, and claims that there are lower areas in the bunker that were infested by entities.
Rob eventually agreed to do an interview.

Here is what he said:

Interviewer: Uhh is this thing running?
Rob: I don't know… you're the guy who brought it…
The next minute or two are garbled noises as the interviewer fidgets with the recorder
Interviewer: It was on… uh anyway… can you tell me a little about yourself?
Rob: Yeah, I have lived in this bunker for a while, I used to live above ground then… well the entity storm happened…
Interviewer: So… the others don't want to talk, why?
Rob: Yeah they aren't the most talkative…
Interviewer: Okay… and are there others out there who aren't here?
Rob: Yeah… out in other cities and in basements… some homes got invaded, we heard on the radio around when it started. I also think martial law may still be in place, but you know… been stuck here for a while…
Interviewer: Okay, well let's end the interview…

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The Shelter

  • This is the only Base and includes the bunker and radio station
  • This is probably the safest place to be as of now.
  • A good 87 of us live here.


  • This is the farthest we have gone and as such, is an outpost.
  • When you enter, this appears to act like a sub-layer to 287
  • About 36 people live here

Backrooms Remodeling Co. "Citywide Refurbishment"

  • They are completely remodeling one of the other cities to make it completely safe
  • WiFi is common here and so are food supplies.

The Brewery

  • Two guys who seem to be messing with a supply of Almond Water, trying to turn it into alcohol
  • They accept any form of currency, but especially Almond Water
  • The actual "Almond Intoxicant" is underway.

The Settlers

  • These are people who live out in the valley that is outside, and they are not friendly
  • Surprisingly there are a good 200 people doing this, mostly because architecture isn't that uncommon here.
  • Most people who are of this group have decided to take farming as the rainwater is good for farming.

Entrances And Exits


Finding a radio tower in Level 11 and turning the dial to 295.3 will get you here.


Wandering out 20,000 yards will lead you to the Field of Wheat as this is the supposed edge of the level.


Clear day

As of now, this has only happened exactly 3 times. This happens on the rare day that a good weather report is heard; then this will follow
After 5 seconds the rain stops, then 30 seconds later the entities vanish, then 2 minutes later a grinding noise is heard, then 4 minutes later the bunker door opens, it is safe to go outside, and this is where the surrounding landscape description comes from.

Surviving outside the Bunker

Survival supplies are a major problem as you can become malnourished in this level, and with a few clear days supply runs are very risky. So if you decide to leave the bunker, go to a store and then put supplies in a basement or other enclosed space.

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