Level 134
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Class 2

  • Safe
  • Unsecure
  • Few Hostile Beings

Level 134 is the 135th level of The Backrooms. It resembles an endless mansion, with an odd warp effect.

Level 134
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The distorted mansion.


Level 134 resembles a mansion with endless halls and rooms. A constant warp and distortion effect is often seen, yet does not really do anything other than induce vertigo1

The Distortion

The Distortion could be it's own entity, although this may not be possible.
Everything else known about it is that it can cause an exit, even if it takes an extended period of time. The distortion has a similar effect to an effect found in an online photo editor, specifically Pixlr X, the effect is similar to Artzy » Atonic.


The level was discovered by a wanderer only known as Henrik Gobbán.
When Henrik Gobbán was walking around Level 1, he saw a distorted wall and came to investigate.
He noclipped through and ended up here.

Interviewer: Jen Alethea
Interviewee: Henrik Gobbán

<Begin Interview>
Jen: So, Henrik, was it?
Henrik: Yeah.
Jen: What happened when you got there?
Henrik: I just saw what looked like some glitchy mansion, looked like it had other levels glitched inside of it.
Jen: What levels?
Henrik: Like, level 0 and level 1.
Jen: Wait, What?!
Henrik: That's what I thought.
Jen: We are gonna have to end this one now.
Henrik: No do-
<End of Interview>


One wanderer reported to have seen a Partygoer.

Entrances And Exits:


Entering is extremely hard, but noclipping through a distorted wall may lead you here.


The warp may send you to any level of The Backrooms if you wait long enough.

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