Entity number:152

a poster of a similar model of entity 152, found on a sidewalk in level 11.


Entity 152 resembles a black LNER 12 ton railway van, which appears completely normal upon first glance. However, it is completely indestructible, and lighter than a normal van. The inside of the van contains a small control panel at the front. On this panel are a small lever, a keypad with screen, another, larger screen on the front wall, and a large switch labeled "BRAKE".

Entity 152 is apparently capable of controlled perpetual motion, and speed can be regulated using the keypad. This can be achieved by pushing the entity
either forwards or backwards. the large screen on the front wall appears to indicate the following:

  • Speed
  • throttle percentage
  • Distance from obstacle

In addition to these, a device appearing to resemble some sort of tiny radar dish is on the front of the van. This, like the van is also indestructible, and somehow projects the distance of obstacles from the van on the monitor. It is unknown how this occurs, as the radar dish does not seem to be connected to the monitor, nor does it have any power source.


Entity 152 was discovered by a team of M.E.G agents heading to another level through The Metro after a train resembling a slow goods train passed them at a high speed. Following this, the entity and a brake van identical to an LMS 20 Ton Brake Van entered behind at a relatively slower pace. The brake van shortly applied it's brakes, and both were recovered and taken in for study. The brake van was confirmed not to have any anomalous properties, despite the activation of it's brakes.

Requests to use entity 152 for exploration purposes have been approved by Team Overseer.


3 days after the discovery of entity 152, the following note was found at the door of the M.E.G base containing it.

Do's and Dont's


Make sure the brake lever has been left in the down position. Failure to do so will result in the entity running away.

Leave the doors closed and locked (our padlocks are doing the job well).


Leave the brakes off.

Exceed 30 mph unless in emergency.

Leave the doors unlocked.

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