Level 133 Resembles a kindergarten with 5 rooms these rooms include 2 main classrooms 1 cafeteria and Mamas room, people have seemingly found one other room but this is undetermined. the 2 main learning rooms are large and are about 35 feet across and 25 feet wide both rooms are mostly identical. The cafeteria of this level is roughly the same size of the learning room, all food that comes from the cafeteria is fresh and edible. Mamas room is DONT GO IN, DONT LOOK AT HER DONT TALK ABOUT HER DONT GO NEAR HER.

Main Entities

The main entity on this level are all docile and are non aggressive in anyway, the entity is a person with a black void as a face, these entity's are all capable of human speech and they all have there own personality's, they have formed a kind of community where everybody knows everybody, the entity's have, and are modern with their language. the other entity on this level is Mama she is the teacher of this level, her appearance represents DONT LOOK DONT TALK ABOUT HER DONT MENTION.

Entrances And Exits

this level is rare to come by but the only way in is by randomly passing out on any level you will then awaken on the floor of the school and you will be introduced to the community that the entity's made. the exit to this level is in mamas, there is a door there that will lead to level 0 or level 4.

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