Level 215
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Level 215 is the 216th Level of the Backrooms.



The only photo of this level. The photographer was supposedly killed by the Escape Artist due to "hint leaking".

Level 215, better known as The Escape Rooms, is an expanse of difficult escape rooms, ranging from huge dining halls to small closets. These replicate escape rooms played in the frontrooms, with multiple puzzles, keys, and codes in each room. The rules for each room are similar to those outside the backrooms; you have a 1-hour time limit, you may not break or damage any of
the rooms or objects inside of it, no photos may be taken, and only 3 hints are allowed. These rules are enforced by The Escape Artist, the only entity on the level. If the room's puzzles are not completed within the 1-hour time limit, then the wanderer will fall unconscious and wake up in a different room, where the process will repeat. Every escape room's timer will start and end at the same time, meaning it is very well possible you may coordinate with someone in the same room at once. If you are in a room close to another room that at the time occupies another wanderer, the walls may be thin enough for communication.

The main hazards on the level are puzzles in the rooms. While not often, rooms can have extreme temperatures, very small spaces in which you have to fit into to complete, and even more often, sacrifice. You may be forced to give up Almond Water, or perhaps supplies that you may have brought. There may also be fire, puzzles requiring power tools, and dangers after triggering a trap. (Ex. An arrow is shot after a button is pressed.) The most redeeming factor of the level is the supplies. Any non-key items or anything left behind by other wanderers can be carried with you as long as you are holding it with you when you beat the room or time runs out. Attempting to bring any key items (keys and locks) will result in an attack from the Escape Artist.

The Rooms

Each room of the level consists of multiple puzzles ranging in difficulty. These can be simple math tasks or require completely outside-the-box thinking. Because each room is very different from all others, they can encompass a fictional story, no story, and simply escape, or neither one of those, placing the wanderer in puzzles with no apparent reason. As aforementioned, the sizes and themes of the room can range from very large to very small. You may be locked in a meat locker, as one wanderer experienced, or placed in an expansive arcade, as has also been reported. Generally, the larger the size of the room, the fewer puzzles there will be, making larger rooms slightly easier. The constant which applies for every room is a timer counting down from 1 hour somewhere in the area, and if it is your first room on the level, a short introduction from the Escape Artist.

The Escape Artist


A field sketch of The Escape Artist drawn by researcher Katie Moore.

The Escape Artist is shown as a humanoid entity, roughly 7 feet tall, with long black hair. It most commonly resembles a 40-50-year-old caucasian man, dressed in work-casual clothing (collared shirt, khaki pants), and with a mild mannerism. He has been described as calm and contained, although very threatening in body language. Under usual circumstances, the Escape Artist is non-hostile and will give hints to escaping, at a maximum of 3 per room. During the duration of a room, the entity will not be present unless a hint is asked, the room is completed, or the environment is damaged. "He" will then manifest outside of the wanderer's view of sight and respond to the action accordingly. The only times the Escape Artist will become hostile is when something in a room is purposefully damaged, whether the action is complete or there is an attempt, or if photos are taken inside of the escape room. Using his abnormally long fingers, the entity will choke the wanderer until they are on the verge of passing out, while giving sharp warnings and threats, eventually letting go. If an offense is committed twice, the Escape Artist will dismantle the wanderer, tearing them limb from limb, while shouting and cursing loudly until they die. If it is asked for extra hints, it will simply not appear, and the room will go on as normal. As for the most helpful use of the Escape Artist, when a room is completed within an hour he will appear and give the wanderer 2 options. Either leave the level or stay and build rooms for him. While he prefers you stay and help him build the level out, wanderers have never been seen again after they have taken this option.

An interview was conducted with The Escape Artist by Dr. Henry Argall, Entity Analysist and Senior Scientist


Dr. Argall: The date is March 27, 2020. I am Dr. Henry Argall with M.E.G. and will be recording my interview with entit- sorry, The Escape Artist on level 215.

The Escape Artist: You have 56 minutes and 39 seconds remaining. Do you want a hint?

Dr. Argall: I do. I was wondering how you build all of these impressive escape rooms. Do you have anyone to help you?

The Escape Artist: That is not so much of looking for a hint, but I will answer. When a room is completed, you have the option to leave me or to help me build my magnificent rooms.

Dr. Argall: So you are saying that you have humans help you build the rooms?

The Escape Artist: Yes and no. They are living happily under no responsibility but they work for their father. We will take it all, I will escape.

Dr. Argall: Can you explain that to me in bet-

The Escape Artist: No. You have 54 minutes and 59 seconds remaining.

Dr. Argall: Yeah, I'm not worried about that right now. Could you tell me where you go when you aren't in here, with me? Don't multiple people need you at once?

The Escape Artist: I simply reside in nothingness, building more rooms and filling the void with my creations. And time is such a small thing here, that I can be all over the level at once.

Dr. Argall: Thank you very much. One last question; What happens to people who attempt to ruin your "art"?

The Escape Artist: I punish them. I have dedicated myself to filling the void with the joy of escape rooms, and all they want to do is escape and ruin them!

Dr. Argall: But isn't escaping the whole point?

The Escape Artist: 53 minutes and 49 seconds left. Best of luck; this is a hard one! Have fun!



Level 215 was supposedly discovered on 9/17/2021 by the M.E.G. when members skating on Level 31 no-clipped into it. All 3 members of the group were safely recovered a week later and found back on level 31.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

  • Due to the 1-hour time limit of each room, communities on this level are impossible.

Entrances And Exits


Possible entrances into level 215 include:

  • Winning a game of hide and go seek on Level 168
  • Skating into a wall, resulting in a noclip on Level 31
  • After a low chance of entering Water World on Level 43
  • Sitting down in a booth for an extended period of time on Level 98


The only way to exit the level is by beating one of the rooms in under an hour, which will teleport you back into the level you entered from.

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