Level 182
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Level 182, also known as "The Welcome Plaza," is the 181st level of the Backrooms. It was discovered anonymously by a group of seven wanderers in 1998.


A photo of The Welcome Plaza's Centre.


Level 182 consists of a seemingly never-ending mall, with its structure appearing to have been formed during the '90s and only holding one floor. It owns a variety of stores that range from departments, clothing stores, jewelry, accessories, pharmacies, technology and electronics, restaurants, lounges, services and offices, and then specialties.

There is rotten and suspicious looking food one can find within the restaurants, but they usually don't induce poisoning or any detrimental side-effects when consumed, and they are very obvious to spot. It's still advised to avoid any suspicious foods, because they're not always okay to eat 100% of the time. Travelling further into the level will put one in a loop, ending up in a different yet entirely identical place from before.


Picture of the iconic staircase in the level, located at The Centre section.

A light blue tint lingers throughout the entirety of the level. The design of the main section is situated with furniture consisting of stylish staircases, plants, and small benches. This section of the lobby is known as The Centre, and it's a well-known region for its recognizable construction. The place is powered by fluorescent lighting and ventilation, with a soundtrack of orchestral music resonating through the speakers. The fluorescent lights are sometimes misaligned, and the speakers bug from time to time.

Wooden crates can spawn in this level, with the category of items being Almond Water, bandages, wooden baseball bats, and thick clothes for protection. These crates are commonly found within clothing and department stores in the level.

Travelling further into the level will put one in a loop, ending up in a different yet entirely identical place from before.


One can find Facelings in the level walking casually, or working at stores. There have been no sightings of child Facelings though.

Guardian of the Square


A sighting of the spirit that patrols the level.

This entity's physical appearance consists of a bright white and glowing humanoid figure, that floats freely off of the air and is a level-exclusive entity. It has no qualified gender, and barely chooses to communicate with the wanderers. Although, it claims that itself is the caretaker of the level, and a spirit that symbolizes good luck. The probability of encountering this ghost is a miracle, in addition to why there is only one photo captured of the visible phantom. It has no official name, but preferred to be called "The Guardian of the Square," and "The Warden."

It chooses to grant good qualities to certain people in need, including replenishing thirst and hunger, and restoring open wounds. But for balance, it prefers to remain unsummoned for half of the time. If one speaks the spirits nickname in vein, the chances of being luckier decreases gradually.

Attempting to guide the spirit to another level from an exit will result in the spirit denying to leave, insisting that it cannot traverse out of the level and wander throughout other sections of the Backrooms. Therefore, it is stuck within the level itself and cannot escape.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

While it is suitable for more groups to be established in this level, there are however, three big settlements that stand out.

The Fancy Servants:

  • The Community was made by Facelings to dedicate serving beverages wanderers.
  • They are occupied in caf├ęs, and will welcome people.
  • They serve food, but considerably coffee and tea. They will give as much coffee and tea for as long as the customer wants.
  • Not open to trade with anybody.
  • They were established in March 2004.

The Gardeners:

  • This is a Community also formed by Facelings committed to watering the plants in The Centre.
  • Very friendly, and will trade.

The Watchpeople:

  • Another community gathered by Facelings.
  • Their only goal is to make sure everyone in the level is safe, and will provide information about the level, such as Do's and Don'ts.
  • They're not open for trading.
  • They were also formed during March 2004.

Entrances and Exits:


  • Fire exits in Level 4, and Level 20 can lead to here when least expected.
  • Noclipping through a punctured pipe in Level 2 has a low chance of bringing one to this level.
  • Entering a damaged elevator colored in yellow or beige with a sign above it labeled 182 will bring one to this level. These elevators could be found in any level of the Backrooms with a decent entity count, but they are more common around the first twenty levels.
  • Finding a mall named 182 in Level 11 and entering it will lead one here.
  • In rare occasions, if one were to pass out within a body of water similar to an ocean or lake, then they can be transferred to this level. This is only confirmed by wanderers who share thalassophobia, an irrational fear of large spaces of water.
  • Riding an escalator colored in teal, white, yellow, and green stripes in Level 5 will take one to this level.
  • Noclipping through an arcade machine titled "Malla Halla" above it in Level 40 will bring one here.
  • Noclipping in Level 11, Level 9, or Level 201 have a small chance of leading to this level.


  • Waiting for an elevator to open and riding it can randomly lead to Level 188, Level 196, Level 0, or Level 149.
  • Noclipping through the clothes in a clothing rack will put you in Level 55.
  • Entering through a staff only door will lead one to Level 92. Although, this is a very rare chance of occurring.
  • Smuggling too many riches out a jewelry store will transfer one to Level 173.
  • Unintentionally slipping on a wet floor will cause the individual to phase through the floor, and fall into Level 164.
  • Consuming suspicious or rotten food from a restaurant that can induce food poisoning and nausea will bring one to Level 183. Do not attempt this.
  • Sleeping on a bench in the level has approximately a 10% chance of bringing one to Level 116.
  • Locating the entrance/exit to the level will lead one to Level 11. Although, this phenomenon has a small probability if one didn't begin from Level 11.
  • Crawling through a vent has a good chance of bringing one to Level 96.
  • Hitting the number 0, and then hitting enter on the number pad of an ATM will bring one to Level 0.


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