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Class 0

  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Devoid of Harmful Entities

An image of Level 133.

Level 133 is the 134th Level of the Backrooms.


The main area of Level 133, also known as Vaporcade Paradise, is a finite but still large mall that seemingly fits the aesthetic known as Vaporwave.12

Due to this level's theme, it often gives Wanderers a nostalgic feeling, or remind them of a time that once was even if they weren't around during the 80's, therefore making them feeling more relaxed and calm as they venture throughout this level, making it a common place to relax from other levels inside the Backrooms.

This room is a good spot to stock up on supplies like Almond Water, Lucky O' Milk, first aid kits, and other helpful supplies that can be found in the Backrooms, as these items can usually be found inside shelves in stores and counters, and this level and most of it's sublevels have a strong Wi-Fi connection as well.

The stores found inside are usually brands that don't exist in the real world, although similarities to any have been recorded. They usually contain supplies as mentioned earlier, and can even be entrances to other areas, as mentioned below.

The role of a normal civilian inside the mall are replaced by mannequins, which can be posed as grabbing items from shelves or "talking" to someone at the counter/other mannequins, but are confirmed to have no kind of sentience and are completely safe. These mannequins are bound to this level though, so any attempts of bringing them to other levels will make them disappear instantly and return back to where they were originally from. It's currently unknown why this happens, though.

One of this level's more well known qualities is it's large amount of sublayers and rooms, most of which being safe other areas along with this level, but some highly dangerous for Wanderers that enter. You can enter these areas via the various random doors and stairways that spawn along the mall, or by entering a store, although entering these areas are completely randomized, so it is recommended to be prepared before entering one.


Entities can be found here, but are under something similar to the Level 11 Effect, making them completely harmless to other wanderers. Adult Facelings can be found inside stores "working" as cashiers, or mostly found wandering around or taking the place of Mannequins.

There are no documented entities that are unique to this level at the moment.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

As of now, there are no known bases, outposts, or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits


  • Entering a store either in Level 102 or Level 11 with the brand name "Paradise!" will take you here.


  • Exiting the sublayers/rooms will always take you here.
  • Exiting the building itself will take you to a random safe level.

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