Level 1000

this is the first level of Cluster II. It contains of a white wooden boat with two paddles, you are in a sea of white water. there is no land in sight, the boat has 2 bottles of almond water if you throw a bottle inside the water after 5 hours the bottle will apear randomly inside the boat nobody knows how this happens. No electronics work in this level only static appears if you attempt to use an electronic device



Fites are fully white blank fish swiming in the sea, you may not see them in the water but they sometimes jump out of the water. they swim in groups and are predatory. There are no pictures of these entities as no electronics work in this level. they measure about a meter in lenght and 0.5 meters in height.

Huge Fites

Huge Fites also nicknamed Mom Fites are the same as regular fites but swim in the front of the group and are 3 meters long and 1.5 meters in height. They seem more agressive than regular fites.


You can enter trough level 999 after having all of your sins repented, you may also hear "You have been forgiven. You can go further beyond" and then pass out and wake up in the boat


You can exit after going 400 kilometers south where you can see a black boat, after you enter the black boat go 600 km east and you will see a grey hole in the water, when you jump in you will either appear on level 999 or 1001 it seems to be random. if you enter level 999 it will be a different version where there will be light instead of the usual darkness you will see clearly and will hear "Your sins have been repented." and will wake up in The Hub.

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