Level 304 "The Hall Of Running"
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|name=filename or url

Short introduction i.e
Level 304 is the 304+1th Level of the Backrooms.

Then you can add a short introduction.


Level description

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are

Base/Outpost/Community A

You can put:

  • Details
  • Details
    • Details

Base/Outpost/Community B

Short description of the Base/Outpost/Community

Additional Content

Feel free to rename this section and/or add any content in relation with that level.
You can also add more sections just make sure to add them between the Base/Outpost/Community section and the Entrances/Exits section
If you have nothing to add simply remove this section

Entrances And Exits

Add any entrances and exits to other levels.


If there are no entrances please write : "There is no known way to get to this level for now".


If there are no exits please write: "There is no known way to leave this level for now.", though usually people can leave whence they came.

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