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Level 123 is an infinite concrete structure, composed of four floors and different rooms. The more common rooms include:

Locker rooms - Medium-sized room full of lockers. Lockers may contain almond water, fresh food, weapons, materials, etc. Workers can sometimes be found here looking inside lockers.
Break rooms - Large rooms decorated by furniture such as rugs, couches, plant pots, coffee tables, etc. May also contain useful electronics such as televisions, radios, walkie-talkies, or landlines. Emanates Wi-Fi and walls might have electric sockets. Workers can frequently be found here, seemingly resting. Floors are sometimes wooden.
Hallways - Self-explanatory. Have rooms connected to them.
Machine rooms - Large rooms with 1-2 machines that can process materials through unknown means. Workers frequently use these rooms to process materials.
Generator rooms - Small rooms housing one diesel or gasoline-powered generator. May also contain jerrycans full of diesel or gasoline, depending on the generator. Generators power any lights or electric sockets in a 150-meter radius. Workers frequently refuel the generator or replace the jerrycan in the room with a full one. Found separate from hallways.
Bathrooms - Self-explanatory. Water supply dependent on generators. Water may, in some rare cases, be replaced with almond water for 6-48 hours. Floors might sometimes be made of marble.
Farms - Medium-sized or Large rooms where the concrete on the floor contains patches of soil where almond trees, sugar cane and roses are grown.
Open areas - area found outside of hallways and rooms, has many concrete pillars.
Sludge dispensers - Medium-sized rooms housing small machines. These machines have a window through which clockwork can be seen. Has one input and one output pipe. Can produce pink sludge from corpses or a close-to-even mix of almonds and rose petals.
Hallways always have rooms connected to them, these rooms come in specific combinations, including:

Two locker rooms and a break room
One machine room and a sludge dispenser
Four bathrooms
2 farms
It is common for hallways to be connected to each other.

The most common entities on this level are Workers. Workers are known to almost always carry a box made of a waterproof hydrophobic material resembling cardboard when roaming around the level. The contents of these "cardboard" boxes discovered so far (the named fluids are not in a bottle or other fluid container unless stated):

A pink sludge of currently unknown composition
Almond water
Almond water in various bottles (usually 2-6 bottles per box)
Various empty bottles (also usually 2-6 bottles per box)
Rose petals
A mix of rose petals and almonds
Sugar cane
Light bulbs
Circuit boards
They also sometimes carry furniture, jerrycans or corpses.
The other two entities found on this level, although rarely, are managers and hounds.

The four floors of this level, from lowest to highest, are:

The maintenance tunnels
The main floor
The second floor
The roof
These floors can be accessed via stairwells, elevators and ladders.

The maintenance tunnels
The maintenance tunnels are rusty metal-plated hallways with concrete floors. The walls are usually lined with rusty metal pipes. Workers can be found here, repairing leaks in the piping that seem to appear randomly. Substances leaking from the pipes have been noted to vary. Pipes may leak

Pink sludge
Unidentified black goo
Liquid pain

Chutes leading to various levels (usually level 4) can also be found here and Workers can be seen emptying boxes of almond water bottles into these. Some useful tools, such as hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, welding kits, etc can be found here along with entire toolboxes.

The main floor
The main floor contains hallways and open areas. Walls here are occasionally painted and pipes may sometimes line the walls. Workers can be frequently found here. This floor is lit by various means, frequently just hanging incandescent lightbulbs. Hallways always contain some form of lighting, although rooms may sometimes be unlit. Sometimes the lightbulbs spontaneously shatter or burn out, leaving the hallway and unlit rooms in the vicinity in darkness. Whenever this happens, Workers might at some point replace the bulbs when passing by. On this floor, there are many ways of acquiring useful items. Locker rooms are full of lockers that contain useful items such as flashlights, almond water, fresh food, materials, etc. Lockers can also be used to barricade rooms. Break rooms are useful for hideouts and shelters, as they contain furniture to barricade the room with as well as various electronics and electrical sockets. Walkie-talkies here are functional, televisions come with a remote and can be used to watch broadcasts from outside the backrooms. Radios here can't be used for communication but can be used to listen to a random assortment of frequencies from a random area outside the backrooms. All landlines have a paper label with a unique serial number on them (if these labels are removed, the Workers will try to attach new ones), but they are only able to access numbers within the backrooms. Landlines also work disconnected from their wire, their use as a general form of communication is still being tested. Whenever barricading, one should be aware that workers might attempt to clean up the room, in which case it is advised to fight them from behind barricades. Whenever going into locker rooms or breakrooms, caution is advised, as these rooms may contain workers who have to be cleared out before settling in or searching the room.

Floor two
Floor two is similar to floor one, except this is the only place where rare rooms and anomalies may be found. High caution should be taken on this floor, due to it having a larger amount of workers than floor one. Settling isn't recommended here for the same reason either. The rare rooms and anomalies discovered so far are:

The almond water mixer
The manager's room
Hound holes.
The almond water mixer room is a large room containing the almond water mixer (as the name suggests). The almond water mixer is a large bowl-shaped machine. This machine has 4 inputs reserved for almonds, water, pink sludge and bottles respectively, and one output. Workers are prevalent in this room, so caution is highly advised when entering this room. The output creates almond water bottles in batches of 15-50. The almond water produced here has been discovered to have stronger healing properties and smell than that of which is found in other levels. These rooms are sometimes overtaken by B.N.T.G who set up settlements to trade the "fresh" almond water. The manager's room can easily be identified by a wooden door with a sign hanging above it with the text "Manager". These small rooms, which also have a dimly lit non-euclidean inside, contain the second entity on this level: The Manager. Managers are highly dangerous, therefore it is strongly recommended to take great caution when researching them or avoid them entirely. Hound holes are a rare event in which hounds attempt to invade the level. This event happens when cracks in the floor, which all explorers should be wary of, break open to reveal a hole to the hive (which can be used to access it if quick enough) from which 1-4 Hounds climb out of. Whenever this event takes place, all Workers in an approximately 50 - 150 meter radius on the floor will instantly enter an aggressive state, transform and rush to the hole to attack the hound(s), ignoring any explorers in the way and breaking through any barricades or obstacles (except walls or doors), it is advised to evacuate the nearby area during this event, as the amount of workers this might bring can be dangerous. If no workers are prevalent in a 50-150 meter radius around the hole, the hounds will simply roam around the floor, any workers that happen to be in a 50-meter radius of the hounds while they're roaming will enter an aggressive state, transform and attack the hound. 1-12 minutes after the hounds have emerged from the hole, the hole will fill in with concrete.

The roof
The roof is the highest up floor, it appears to be completely devoid of rooms, structures and entities. The sky is completely pitch black, despite this, the entire roof is dimly lit, although there is a black fog visible, which limits the field of view from any point. The black fog's density has been noted to change frequently, sometimes the radius of visibility may be just one meter, sometimes it may stretch 1-3 kilometers. The roof has some large, sharp-cornered rectangular holes. These holes seem to be infinite, but after a few incidents, it has been discovered that these holes actually lead to either the maintenance tunnels or other levels, usually level 4

Colonies And Outposts
M.E.G research outpost Alpha
Located on the main floor
Small settlement created in a hallway
Researches best survival/living/settlement tactics on the level
M.E.G research outpost Beta
Located on floor two
Researches rare rooms/anomalies on the floor
Repurposed abandoned B.N.T.G settlement at an almond water mixer room where the mixer has stopped working for unknown reasons
Occasionally researches survival/settlement tactics
M.E.G research outpost Gamma
Located on the roof
Researches possible rooms/anomalies/entities on the roof
Created from furniture imported from floor two via stairwells and elevators
B.N.T.G settlements
Almond water mixer rooms taken over by B.N.T.G
Amount of settlements unknown
Sells "fresh" almond water to any explorers traveling by
Sends out wandering traders to trade with any explorers they come across
Entrances And Exits:
Rusty out-of-place metal doors labeled "staff room" found on non-painted concrete walls on any level that has non-painted concrete walls, these doors are known to be more common in safer levels such as [hospital]] and LEVEL 1 arch.

The level can be exited by going down chutes in the maintenance tunnels or jumping down holes on the roof, both of these will usually lead to [|military hospital]] but can lead to any other floors as well.

Theories, discoveries and research
Research outposts have made some discoveries on this level, and researchers have used the discoveries to create some theories explaining a few phenomena from the backrooms, these theories are listed here. More theories may be created as more research and exploration are conducted.

New Discoveries
Workers create pink sludge from almonds and rose petals or flesh
It has been noted that workers carry corpses of both humans and any entities they find as well as rose petals and almonds mixed together to sludge dispensers.

Chutes lead to level 4 or other levels
A few explorers have attempted to go down chutes and have discovered that they usually lead to level 4, a level where almond water is common.

Almond water freshness
It is thought that almond water might have a "freshness" that degrades over time, making the effects, nutrition and flavor of the almond water weaker. This has been theorized due to the fact that almond water coming out of mixers has stronger effects than that of which found in and on other levels.
It can be noted that all seemingly endless holes found on the level (roof holes and chutes) seem to usually lead to level 4, this is thought to be the reason why almond water ends up on level 4 this frequently.

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