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Class φ

  • Unstable
  • Incalculable danger
  • Imaginary

Image constructed from radio waves from Level √-2.

Level √-2 is an Enigmatic Level of the Backrooms. Initially, Level √-2 was only a rumour, before its existence was confirmed on ██/██/19 (see Discovery Log).


Level √-2 is described as an "imaginary" level of the Backrooms, the concept existing purely in the mathematical mind. Its size is unknown, possibly of infinite size, or no size at all. Due to the pure mathematical impossibility of √-2, the true nature and form of this level is largely incomprehensible to third-dimensional beings. This means that Level √-2 is incalculably dangerous and impossible to navigate.

Level √-2 exists outside of all known clusters of the Backrooms. As a result, it is unknown if any form of matter is capable of existing within Level √-2. It is unknown what occurs to those who enter Level √-21, but it is thought the immense overflow error causes victims to be removed from existence. All knowledge pertaining to their existence would presumably then be erased, including in the memories of other Wanderers. If this theory is correct, then all expeditions into Level √-2 are impossible to document.

Currently, the only proof of the existence of Level √-2 is an image formed from radio waves pertaining to this level. Level √-2 appears to "leak" forms of radiation into other levels, through a method currently unknown. The source of this radiation was initially unknown. When the radiation was deciphered, it was found to include strings of phrases such as "√-2", the letter "i", and the word "imaginary". This led to the assignment of the imaginary value "√-2" as the level number.

The radio waves were used to construct the above image. The identity of the silhouette depicted is unknown2.

Much like Level √2, Level √-2 is theorised to be non-Euclidean, not adhering to any standard geometry. However, this theory is contested, as the logical error of √-2 would imply it has no discernible geometry within the bounds of third-dimensional planes. It is extremely ill-advised to attempt to visit Level √-2, as its true form may be detrimental to viewers.

Many have claimed that Level √-2 exists only in the imagination, meaning its dimensions cannot be physically witnessed and only believed in. This has since led to the formation of the organisation known as Overflow, a group of Wanderers who claim to "believe" in Level √-2, apparently able to witness its full form in their minds. The validity of their claims are indefinitely unconfirmed. At the time of writing, they have amassed over fifty members. Four of these members are former M.E.G. personnel.


Currently, it is unknown if it is possible for any entities to exist in Level √-2, due to its imperceptibility. Nevertheless, it has been theorised that one being may be capable of sustaining itself within the imaginary level. The basis of this theory lies in the image named "repaired_image_712", constructed from radiation originating from Level √-2. It is unclear if the poor quality of the image is due to the construction process, or the nature of Level √-2 itself.

The image depicts the silhouette of a humanoid figure of unknown gender or sex. The figure appears to be wearing a hat of some kind, vaguely reminiscent of a mid-19th century bowler hat. The silhouette also appears to be standing upon solid ground. Whether this being is the source of the radiation, or indeed if the entity is aware of existence beyond Level √-2, is unknown.

Due to the impalpable nature of the level, it is possible that this image is not in fact the true form of Level √-2, and merely our minds' attempt to perceive it. This could mean that the silhouette does not exist, and the entity is not real, but there is no evidence that can prove or disprove this theory.

Discovery Log

On ██/██/19, aberrant strings of radio waves were detected in Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Following evaluation, M.E.G.. scientists were able to source the radiation. It was discovered in higher concentrations in certain levels, allowing the M.E.G. to track its location. It was found in its highest concentration through Level √2.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

No known bases, outposts or communities exist on Level √-2. Due to the nature of the level, it is believed to be impossible.

Entrances And Exits:



There are no known exits in Level √-2.

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