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Level 724

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Class 4

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Level 724 is the 725th Level of the Backrooms.

General Description:

Level 724 is a near 1:1 replica of the Frontrooms, sending people who enter to wherever they were before no-clipping into the backrooms resulting in some people entering this level to think that their not in the Backrooms anymore.

The "Remembered" Area

When you first enter this level, you'll start off in the last building you were in before no-clipping into the backrooms. It's nearly identical to the Frontrooms, expect for some misplacements, like a door being pull instead of push or a room being slightly smaller.

The "Void" Area

This the part of the world you don't remember, whether you forgot it completely or you've never been there. This area looks like a bottomless pit, some say it looks like "staring down a white to black gradient."

Interesting Fact

You will wake up on the level you were on before entering this level after falling asleep on your seventh day on Level 724. However, you can stay in this level if you don't fall asleep on the 7th day of that cycle, causing it to restart meaning you'll have to fall asleep on the 14th day, this hypothetically means you can stay here forever which is not recommended.


There's only one species of entity on this level being Dream Killers which don't like being inside unless they sense a person who isn't one of them in a building, they're made of an unknown poisonous gas.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Due to this level being very dangerous and it being impossible to go outside safely makes it near-impossible to make or sustain a community.

Entrances And Exits:


Have a dream of being back home, afterwards you will wake up in Level 724.


Wake up on the previous level you were on after falling asleep on your 7th day.

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