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ARTICLE CREATION DATE: 9th of January, 2022

AUTHOR: Liam Plecak


Class 4

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A bird's eye view of Level 315.

Level 315 is the 316th level of the Backrooms.


Level 315 is a river of lava spanning 30 miles, with many different household furniture items floating in it. These objects usually consist of recliners, chairs, tables, beds, and couches. The river sometimes breaks off into multiple different dead ends, although not all of them actually are.

There are geysers that sometimes spew out lava and are extremely dangerous. At other times, lava fountains can rise out of the river, lifting furniture. Although it is rare, it is likely to be seen when visiting this level. An image was found half burnt in-between a couch's cushions.


Restored image of the Lava Fountain phenomenon.

This level is useful, even if dangerous, as Firesalt can be found here in mass quantities. The furniture is not flammable, and they are the only usable platforms in this level. There is rock on the side of the river, but the ground immediately combusts when stepped on, so it is best avoided. It is possible to find SOS Phones in the form of cell phones or old flip-phones in this level, hidden in furniture.


People have reported sightings of two different types of unknown entities. The M.E.G. is working to find out if these entities actually exist.

Special Objects

There are two special objects native to Level 315.

The 315-suit

Object 315-A, or the 315-suit, is an object made using the non-flammable fabric of some of the furniture, along with materials like Firesalt and a special type of glass only found in Level 315. This suit will not only protect one from the lava, but it will also regulate their body temperature so that they never feel too hot in the level. However, these suits are very hard to make, as even a single tiny hole in them can let lava seep through and burn the user. It is advised to find an M.E.G. operative in the level that is skilled in crafting them.


Object 315-B, also known as the Incombustibles, is a pair of shoes designed to prevent the ground from combusting upon contact. Only one known pair exists, and it belongs to an anonymous wanderer. They have refused to share any information about them, other than the fact that they did not create the shoes.

Locations of Interest

Level 315 contains a few special locations that can either propose serious hazards, or can be benevolent for wanderers.

The River of Tranquility

The River of Tranquility is a special location that can be found if one strays off the main path for long enough and finds a peculiar hole. The hole will then lead the wanderer to this location, which is a replica of the average river found in The Frontrooms, although completely devoid of creatures or entities. There are trees with fruits that can heal people physically and psychologically. The water is also safe to drink, and submerging oneself in the water will give them temporary strength and stamina boost. However, one can only access this location once, and once a wanderer leaves it, they will never be able to return.

The River of Tranquility was once considered a sub-level of Level 315, given the extreme difference of terrain. However, further research has proven this rumor false.

The Red Ruins

The Red Ruins are a collection of anomalous pillars and concrete slabs found underneath the lava and is only accessible using a 315-suit. It is a safe location, serving as a hiding spot from hostile wanderers and potential entities. This area has the same effect that Level 39 and Level 14 have on wanderers, easing their minds and hypnotizing them into staying there for prolonged periods of time. Be cautious if you choose to explore this location.

The Barrier

The Barrier is a place blocking wanderers from going any further beyond, appearing in all cardinal directions. It is an infinitely tall, semi-transparent, red wall that will instantly burn through flesh and bone upon contact. Behind the wall, one can see the lava river ending, turning into a lava fall. Getting near the Barrier will almost always result in severely impaired vision, sometimes even causing blindness.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

M.E.G. Community: The Magma Association

  • 21 members who explore the level
  • Equipped with drones and other technology
  • Friendly and can supply one with resources
  • Not open to new members

Entrances and Exits:


The only known entrance to Level 315 is to no-clip into patches of Firesalt. These can appear in a plethora of levels.


  • Traverse down the lava river for an unspecified amount of time. You will then come across a section of it that has a different color. Jumping into these parts of the river can put one in different levels.
    • Blue lava will send you to Level 83.
    • White lava will send you to Level 330.
    • Green lava will send you to Level 317.
    • Black lava will send you to Level 210.
    • Lava that constantly changes color will send you to Level 255.
    • Purple lava will send you to Level 474. This is incredibly rare.
  • No-clipping into a pillar under the lava will send you to Level 95.
  • No-clipping into a concrete slab under the lava will send you to Level 888.


An M.E.G. drone was sent out on 2/14/22 to investigate beyond the combusting ground. After the drone had been airborne for 15 minutes, the team monitoring the drone viewed it plummet downwards into the lava. An M.E.G. operative recalled the entire footage. The interview was as follows:

Interviewer: Liam Plecak
Interviewee: Ethan Valdez

<Begin Log>
Liam Plecak: Alright, the interview has started. So what do you recall the footage contained?
Ethan Valdez: Well, I remember the drone lifted off, and already something was… off.
Liam Plecak: Elaborate.
Ethan Valdez: There was a sudden fog, it wasn't there before, it just.. showed up.
Liam Plecak: A fog?
Ethan Valdez: Yes, it was red. Continuing, we saw pools of lava, with constant geysers shooting out red-hot magma.
Liam Plecak: What happened next?
Ethan Valdez: The fog started condensing, turning into clouds, then the clouds had lava instead of rain. There were massive bolts of lightning, the M.E.G. team retreated into a small tent they had constructed.
Liam Plecak: Where is said tent?
[Crying is heard, slowly turning into heavy sobbing]
Liam Plecak: What's wrong? Did I say something upset-
Æthan V̵̝̼̔á̶͍͈ḻ̸̇d̷̥̹̈́è̴̖̥̋z̴͖̈́: She's Ğ̶̝̠̠̙̤̱̫͒̿́̽́̃̏̈́͆O̷̡̧̩̹̙͎̱̻͉͓͇̪͊͒̀̔͂͌̊N̶̝̝̟̉E̴͖͕̖̯͈̙͇̰̗̳̘̮̗̫̲̹̽̉̽̓̈̍͆͑̍̌͠!̷͓͉͒̒̿͛͛̉͛̚͝ The tent was lifted by the geyser and tipped over into the lava!
[A tissue can be heard being drawn, followed by somebody blowing their nose]
Liam Plecak: I am quite sorry, but the final question: what happened before the drone was lost?
[Ethan is heard blowing his nose]
Ethan Valdez: Yeah sorry, the drone saw some structure. It kind of looked like that building on Level 28, but a red glow was emitting from the building. After that, the drone was hit by a lightning bolt, and the rest of the footage was never recovered.
Liam Plecak: Wait, what do you mean rest of footage?
Ethan Valdez: We have reason to believe the drone was turned back on and kept recording.
Liam Plecak: Why?
Ethan Valdez: All of a sudden the controller did a "turning on" alert and we didn't know why. There was no footage. Just a green silhouette.
Ethan Valdez: By who? Well, we don't know, but maybe [REDACTED]

Some things are best left untouched.

<End Log>

Well, well, well.

If it isn't you, curious wanderer.

You really do have a horrible name, I strongly suggest you change it.

Anyways, I'm sick and tired of these braindead people coming to my level.

Would you like to help me?

Just think of all the possibilities. You and me. We can make sure this level is safe, together.

No. I will not help someone like you. Your intentions are far worse than anything I've seen before.

Well, I don't think you have a choice.


[13 minutes of silence follow]

Now, will you obey me?

yes, master.

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