3rd PeterGnzs's Level - Level 683
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Class Radiated

  • Uncertain Safety
  • Unsecure
  • Toxic Environment

The level is in its rainy state.

Level 683 is the 684th Level of the Backrooms. The level was discovered by u/hansserau on March 11th, 2024 through an accident that occurred in Level 191.


Level 683, also known as The Radioactive Forest, is an incomprehensibly large but not infinite forest with lush flora filling the whole level. The layout of the level is a rainforest but with a few minor differences compared to The Frontrooms. The forest doesn't have a day-night cycle and is always stuck at midday, due to the amount of sunlight is radiated causes this level to be consistently hot.1The weather has been reported to be the same in The Frontrooms but the frequency of weather phenomena is few and far between, so rains or thunderstorms are very rare to be witnessed. The level is highly radioactive, however, the flora of this level appears to be able to withstand the dangerous environment. These abilities has been dubbed "Unradioactivity" and "Heated Shelf".

Level Abilities
Unradioactivity is an ability that occurs in the flora of this level. The flora uses this ability to survive in this brutal environment of the level. The mechanics of this ability is quite complicated but can be simplified as:

  • The trees use the amount of water in the logs to make a very thin and soft membrane outside the log to protect it from directly interacting with the radiation itself.
  • Any kind of seed that starts to grow will be protected by the nearby old trees using the same methods above, these seeds will grow to point that they will get their water, and don't need the host tree anymore.
  • The water membrane won't ever evaporate until the trees die but this water membrane can still be evaporated if any fire is nearby. These membranes are so thin that using normal eyes to see would be impossible.
  • They also keep the log wet and moist to improve the growth of the trees.
  • The roots never grow more than 3 meters into the ground because the amount of radiation from the ground is powerful enough to kill a plant.

Heated Shelf
Also because of how hot the environment of this level is, the flora itself has developed another ability called "Heated Shelf".
Heated Shelf is a substance that being used by the flora in the level. They work as a liquid that contain a lot of heat-resistent proteins that flows throughout all the plant itself. The liquid will imbue into all the matters around and give it a resistent of heat, depends on how much liquid they absorb. It is recommended to not drink the liquid because it can burn a person's innards, which can be lethal if not having any emergency medical care. After some investigations, a theory (called the Fire Theory) suggests that this liquid is a more heated and more nutritious2 form of Firesalt, which is very useful in making a lot of heat-related weapons.
The origin of this substance is a result of the removal of nutrients to metals with high melting points such as iron, copper or manganese from the ground that these plants absorb naturally.
Even though they are abundant, this substance is difficult to collect as they usually evaporate when interacts directly with radiated air.

The resources of this level are mostly radioactive materials but some other objects can be found as well such as Almond Water or Lucky O' Milk, even a small amount of Royal Rations but most of them are uncomsumable because of the enormous amount of radioacitivity and do not gain Unradioactivity ability. Food such as berries, melons, or even grapes can be found relatively easily; there are also a lot of fruits aren't radiated because of the Unradioactivity ability.

Deep underground, there's a huge amount of Uranium, Neptunium, and Plutonium, making the air the level affected by the radiation, with the amount of 250 mSv3, which is relatively unsafe for the human body. When entering the level, one will immediately feel very dizzy because of the radiation, which can be dangerous if not try to find a safe place.


The radiated rocks at the entrance of a cave.

The Caves

The Underground Caves

The Underground Caves in this level are varied in shape with almost all the surface areas of the cave filled with radioactive materials. At this point, the amount of radioactivity has reached 1840 mSv. The amount of light in the caves from the ground to 1500m is decent, enough to not use any outside light sources.

After the depth of 1500m, the light slowly fades away, this is where wanderers must resort to using weak lights. The amount of Plutonium is reduced slowly until the depth of 4000m, they stop appearing entirely, leaving only Neptunium and Uranium.

From here, all the way to 8500m, wanderers would need a strong light source if want to see properly. The radioactivity is now 6500 mSv, at this point, safety is now not guaranteed for anyone who goes this deep and after 10000m, the light will be entirely gone, leaving only complete darkness, similar to Level 6 but light sources can still be used to explore deeper.

There are some occasional spots of Almond Ore that appears in The Caves, which contains a lot of radioactive, solid Almond Water. These spots sizes are fluctuating, ranging from 0.65m (2.13 ft.) to 11.5m (37.3 ft.). Studies have shown that these Almond Ore are some kind of fossils that carry a large amount of dead Memory Worm. There is a strange property of the ore is that they glow whenever an UV light illuminates them and stay like that for 20 to 40 minutes. They can be melted at a temperature of 475°C (887°F), which melts into radioactive Almond Water and radiates a large of amount toxic gases in a radius of 2 meters. This liquid can not be drunk but due to the enormous intensity of the radioactivity that this liquid has, they are more useful in the nuclear-related weapons.

The deepest depth as of now is 43674m, as any natural caves never have been reported to be deeper than this but the M.E.G. theorized that this level could be a lot deeper due to the large radioactivity still occurring even though being very deep underground. There are still researchers sent away by the M.E.G. to see if any more mysterious phenomenon occurs on this level and to find further results.

The Aquatic Caves

The Aquatic Caves are pretty rare to be seen. They will not be noticeable except wanderers themselves are very careful to see one, especially ones are underwater.

These caves are usually slightly smaller than underground caves with a few ones are not enterable. As the name suggests, these caves are filled with water with a varied level, from 0.7m (2.3 ft.) to 5.3m (17.38ft.). Some caves may be classified to be landside caves with a swallow water level in it. Unlike the underground caves, aquatic ones are usually made out of different type of stones and rocks such as limestone, slate, marble, basalt, andesite or rarely, quartz. Coal, iron, copper, aluminium, and sulfur also can be found commonly throughout these caves.

Due to how rare these caves are, there is not much information about it can be observed more. But researchers are on their own, to fully understand and investigate these.


There is only one entity known to be present on this level.

Entity E-SQ-1

Entity E-SQ-1 are the only entities that are present in this level. These entities are rotten, dead, and altered bodies of a wanderer, through steps that have been stated above.

This entity has the same height as the wanderer it used to be. It has exfoliated cyan skin with a lot of bruises on that, its head is somewhat smaller than a normal human but still has an intelligence of a human being. The skull is opened and revealed a rotten brain with a very bad smell, black liquid can be seen flowing under its face. The face is also very deformed with the teeth being protruded and very long with the eyes entirely black with black tears coming down from them. The limbs are very long but very weak and fragile, which can easily break with just a slap. It is a neutral entity but will be extremely hostile when targeting any victims for its food.

Every 2 to 3 weeks, this entity will shout in a very static and unsettling tone. The wanderer who encounters it in this state should hide because it'll try to attack anyone it can see on its way, this purge-like behavior will end after 2 or 3 days. During this period, it becomes more hostile and will attack any form of life, even plants using its high-pitched and static voice to kill anyone it sees then eviscerate the body to eat the organs, it won't be full until the time is done. After this period, it will become neutral again and wander throughout the level.

This entity doesn't seem to age at all, the most recent report about this entity of the M.E.G. states that the oldest entity ever encountered is 45 years old, yet it hadn't changed. The black liquid from the skull and the black tears are determined to be the same thing. This liquid is still being researched to find possible benefits.

This entity is very rare to encounter as it only exists when wanderers become one so it's in a rare-exclusive list of entities to be protected and keep it from the wanderers.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

Even though the level isn't qualified to be livable, some bases are concentrated around the level with a relatively high frequency, especially at the center of the level.

The Uranus

  • Has 255 members.
  • Help cure anyone that has radioactive poisoning.
  • Very friendly.
  • Don't trade anything but do if wanderers have Firesalt or Liquid Silence.
  • Mostly concentrated at the center.
  • This base doesn't accept any more wanderers.

The Neptunes

  • Has 150 to 180 members.
  • Introduces anyone who comes here for the first time about this level.
  • Can give masks to anyone who needs to explore deep underground.
  • Pretty friendly.
  • Can trade if anyone desires to.
  • Mostly concentrated at the center but some are a mile away from the center.
  • The M.E.G. theorized that there is some kind of abnormal activities that happen throughout this colony as they barely reveal anything except their surface information, also some wanderers witness their hunting periods for something that nobody has ever known of.

The Plutos

  • Has 90 members.
  • Explore deeper into the level by going to find any convenient spot to create bases.
  • Neutral (attack if provoke).
  • Have a lot of resources, wanderers can trade with them but only when the Plutos agree to.
  • Sparsely concentrated around 3 miles away from the center.
  • The Plutos are the only ones who know how to go into the safe levels but any information can not be leaked as their leader is against revealing it.

Entrances And Exits


  • Noclip in Level 901.4
  • Break a stalagmite in Level 8.
  • Break a mirror in Level -3.
  • By trying to go through all zones in Level 197 then noclip in the amethyst zone.
  • Interact with any yellow-ish trees in Level 204 might lead wanderers here.


  • Go to any entrances of any aquatic caves and dive into the waters for a few minutes, wanderers will be sent into Level 7 or more rarely, Level 700.
  • If wanderers reach the depth below 7000 meters and touch a glowing spot, they will be sent into Level 322.
  • The Plutos may have known the exit to Megaflora, Level -4, and Level 853 but this is unconfirmed as they barely ever reveal anything.

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