2nd PeterGnZs_No.'s Level - QR Code
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Class Complex

  • Unstable Environment
  • Mindset Manipulation
  • Digital Glitches

The image of the wall of this level by using a drone as the distance is impossible to reach by humans.

QR Code is an Enigmatic Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered on April 26th, 2006 by a mysterious wanderer.


QR Code takes place as a very large, and presumably 5,000,000km² in size, box with the wall, ceiling, and floor being glitched with a lot of codes being overflowed throughout the level in a very bright and colorful tint and in 26-pixels font size. The ceiling is about 250 meters apart from the floor, but wanderers can see it clearly because of how colorful and vibrant the codes are. The color saturation changes randomly and depends on how saturated it is, wanderers can try to . The codes on the ceiling has unique property that other existing codes, in any random time, patterns of codes that have been encoded and these codes are varied in types of ciphers, this includes Bases like Base-2, Base-4, Base-8, etc. with Vigenère, Caesar, Enigma, and Kryptos along with ASCII can also be noticed. These codes can actually be decoded by interacting it to change its characters into normal English, when decode, they will release a very bright light ray and a chest will appear, they contain a lot of Level Keys and Almond Water but it is yet to be proven that it is a reliable way to obtain resources as the encoded codes rarely appear or even so, only heavily modified codes can give out a chest.

There are no entities that can be found in here but instead, glitches in this level are abundant and can be problematic or dangerous if not properly equipped. The codes in this level are "flowing" in a horizontal way, they seem to never end. While flowing, sounds from these codes can actually be heard as an 8bit-like, robotic and static overflow. This may make some wanderers feel very uncomfortable if look at the flowing codes for too long. Try to splash any liquid into any part of the level can cause a part of the splashed zone to be blacked out. In this time, wanderers can use any object to break that zone and go outside but there will be only a presumably infinite black void, the main box itself is floating in the void. When the M.E.G. uses a drone to fly above or below the main section of the level, the drone noclips out of the level and go into The Whiteout or The Blackout, respectively. But the distance for it to reach to noclip point is random, it can be exactly 1m above or below the level or even hundreds of thousands kilometers.


Another image was taken under the ceiling.

In every 2 hours, the glitch that causes anything inside the level can noclip out of this level, but these are very risky to do so as it can lead many wanderers to any dangerous level or may turn you into a part of the level itself. Afterward, that certain wanderer will stored as a code named: "human=[name]". Wanderers in this state can't escape under any circumstances. Even today, there are no known ways that can help to release wanderers from the code itself.

Being in this level for a specific amount of time can cause various effects on wanderers, listed below:
Time amount Effects
20 minutes Eyesore
55 minutes Mild Headache
1 hour and 50 minutes Extreme Headache
3 hours and 15 minutes 75% Eye Blindness
4 hours and 35 minutes Hallucinations
6 hours Full Blindness
8 hours Unbearable Headache
9 hours Faint
10 hours+ Severe Head Injuries

Even though there are head injuries, wanderers can still survive in any amount of time. There are no explanations for these effects to occur on organic bodies.

Level's Properties

The codes can sometimes show wanderer's memories as files, and these files can be accessed through by interacting with the file in any way to open it up. But it's not recommended to so, as the contents in the files may heavily modified memories by this level to give the victims some false memories. These "memories" will eventually consume the wanderer to make their mind belongs think that they belong to the level.

Other than the memories file, wanderers can actually interact with any codes that exist at the time but changing any data value may cause the disappearances of any Backrooms beings without a trace. Data values in the level represents any kind of living beings in The Backrooms, but for some unknown reasons, humans aren't being stored as any code in the level until they noclip in the level or their minds get consumed by the fake memories of the level. But

There is a special code called: "Blowing Numbers" and they get as high as 2^2^32-1 to as low as (-2)^2^32. As of now, each number in this number line has no clear purposes to what it may represent and because the numbers are incomprehensibly large to human's knowledge but some theorized that these numbers can represent amount of levels possible of The Backrooms but it is yet to be confirmed. Any value higher or lower this number line by changing the number value, can make an intense glitch to happen. During this time, the level will be shaking immensely with the codes being overflowed and turned into a physical character made out of metal. The metal codes are very heavy in weight but very small in size, making this codes turn into black holes. The level in this stage is very chaotic and the good choice to do now is to noclip out the level. After leaving the level will immediately turn back to normal but if wanderers stay, the level after a few minutes will be collapsed and wanderers will be suck into an infinitely densed black hole. Anything inside it is still undiscovered but some who got into there said that they feel an extremely hot space around them but when they entered, they seem to have a temperature resistance out of nowhere and when that ends, they woke up in Level 444. This strange phenomenon occurs with anyone that enters the black hole so no exception has been reported.

As known, this level isn't meant to let any life beings can exist for too long due to the properties of the level

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Due to the extreme environment of this level, any kind of communtities can't be formed or created.


Until now, there are no known entities have been reported.

Entrances And Exits


  • Find any QR codes in the Backrooms and using the electronic devices that have a QR codes scanning to scan and enter this level.
  • Noclip in The Code to get here.


  • Noclip during a glitch can cause wanderers to enter any dangerous level.
  • Noclip during the normal state in the level can get you back to The Code or on rare occasions, Level -0.
  • Get sucked into a black hole leads to Level 444.
  • Noclip into the "above" or "below void would take wanderers into The Whiteout or The Blackout, respectively.

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