Level 133 - "Jura Forest"


Class 2

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Normal Bridge

Level 133 is the 134th Level of the Backrooms.

This is a concrete complex consisting of bridges and a distribution of buildings located every 2.5 kilometers
it's relatively safe and is a perfect place to collect supplies for the journey ahead


Level 133 is an infinite complex of bridges and distribution buildings from each such building you can go in 4 other directions. They appear every 2.5 kilometers, where you can find vending machines with food, most often candy and almond water. Bridges have roofs but no walls, apart from a low wall which can be easily climbed over by a wanderer. Every 6 hours or so it starts raining in the forest. Unfortunately, it has not been identified yet whether it is almod water or something else.After examining a sample of rain it turns out that it is a highly poisonous liquid similar to the liquid in the level 1 smoothing. However, as it has not yet been identified what is in the smoothing it is not recommended to come into contact with rain and God forbid to drink. Each bridge leads to a different building and there are also different types of buildings. So far only 4 types of bridges have been discovered:

will lead you to the tourist building, where you can easily get water and food Although the "Workers Bridge" looks more like a tunnel, it is suspended by pillars and there is no view of the rainforest from it. There are tracks in the floor, but a vehicle has never been seen moving over them. will always lead wanderer to the switchgear and pumping station, where there is a big chance to meet entities and it is not recommended to go there will lead you to an unfinished building from which you can easily enter the forest, which is not recommended because in almost 72% of cases you will be killed by Entities. will lead you to the hotel building where you can find a reception and 10 rooms, not always rooms with facilities


Entities that we can meet there are mostly found in forests. On the second place there is a building with electricity and pumping stations, where you can find entities like Facelings, Hounds and Smilers

Bases, Outposts and Communities


In hotel buildings a wanderer may find many groups of 5 to 17 people they should not be aggressive


M.E.G - Jura base

The base was established in 2018
They are open for trade
There are about 152 people inside
They are not often attacked so it is also a safe place to rest before continuing the journey.
The only registered base on level 133

Entrances And Exits


●To enter level 133 you must enter the Duke's palace on level 132 and find an image with a rainforest then walk through it, then you will most likely find yourself in the forest so find a bridge or some building as soon as possible
●To enter, you can also use level 39, just enter the rainforest during the rain and get lost in it


●Sometimes noclipping in the boiler room can take you to level 113
●If you are lucky and have a lot of patience, you can find the hotel building that has a door with the number 134 to get to this level.
●There is also an exit in the woods that will probably lead you to level 135 if you run into the brush during the night.

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