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To begin writing your sandbox page, simply write your username into the box below and hit 'Create Page'.

Make sure you name the page as your username and NOT "Level #"

Welcome to the Backrooms Sandbox Wiki…. 2! You can use pages on this site to practice formatting, store works in progress, or simply have a place to put drafts so you can show others and get feedback before posting to the main site.

REMEMBER: when making edits, always use the "SAVE" function and NOT "save draft". Using "save draft" will retain a digital copy of the edits without actually changing the page itself. This can cause problems when attempting to make a new sandbox.

  • Anyone can create and edit their pages here. However, you must join this site first.
  • DO NOT EDIT OTHERS' SANDBOXES WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. If it's not your sandbox, there's no reason to make unsolicited changes, even if you're trying to be helpful and fix something.
  • Collab sandboxes can be created by putting "collab:" in the URL— for example, "backrooms-sandbox-2.wikidot.com/collab:test". Pages that can only be seen by you can be created with "secret:".
  • Please don't create too many sandbox pages. You can make as many sandbox pages as you need, but we recommend that you keep the number reasonable. You can store multiple drafts on your sandbox by using the tab code further down this page.
  • Remember that all images uploaded to this site must comply with our file size policy of 800kb or less. The staff team reserves the right of removing any image that exceeds this limit.
  • Do NOT create a sandbox title or URL with an Level number or name. So no Level 1234, no Level 4321, no Hub pages. These pages will be deleted by staff.
  • When you're ready for feedback, ask for it. Feedback is only given when an author has indicated that they have something ready to be reviewed (no one camps sandbox pages). Seek feedback in the Backrooms-Wiki's Discord Server, Drafts and Critiques forum, or via wikidot PM request.
  • Staff reserve the right to remove material that violates our site rules and guidelines.
  • We recommend that you title your sandbox page(s) with your username, or something else unique. It's easier if people can tell who the sandbox belongs to by reading the title.
  • Rating modules are disabled on the sandbox. While the module will appear if the code is present, no one can vote on them.
  • Currently, only page creators and mods/admins can edit pages. This prevents people from editing sandboxes that are not theirs. For more information on sandbox permissions and how to share sandboxes for co-authored works, please contact a member of site staff.
  • Happy writing! :)


To add tabs to your sandbox so you can have multiple drafts, use the following code:

[[tab Title 1]]
Text goes here. Pretend this is a draft.
[[tab Title 2]]
More text in another tab! You can add lots of tabs.

If done correctly, you should get something like this:

Text goes here. Pretend this is a draft.

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